Artificial intelligence creates digital art inspired by cultural heritage

Now an official contribution to the Science Year 2019 on Artificial Intelligence of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany.


The computer software VanDeGraphGenerator analyses, generates and visualizes line graphics. We used the VanDeGraphGenerator algorithm to classify and generate designs for mason's marks. Now an extension of VanDeGraphGenerator VdGG+ turns this medieval craftsmanship into contemporary abstract digital art.


A Unique Approach To generate Ai Art

VdGG+ is fed with line drawings and uses Artificial Intelligence to learn from them.


Like a curious child, VdGG+ analyses line drawings to find their inherent structural regularities. It extracts their design principles.

It can then assemble new designs. Color is added to lines and areas in the digital abstract painting. The interplay of chance and necessity achieves Computational Creativity. The unique approach to algorithmic art uses methods from Artificial Intelligence and Computational Logic, namely constraints and rules instead of deep learning networks.


For now, the data comes from our database of hundreds of medieval mason's marks.


Mason's marks are geometric designs carved into dressed stone as signatures of the craftsmen. They consist of a pattern of lines and arcs that were constructed with rulers and compasses.


AI Creates intriguing geometric abstract art - learned from medieval mason's marks


Unkowningly, the artwork by the AI of VdGG+ transcends the work of artists like Piet Mondrian (De Stijl), Ilya Bolotowsky and Josef Albers (Geometric Abstraction), Kasimir Malewitsch (Suprematism), Theo van Doesburg (Concrete Art, De Stijl), László Moholy-Nagy and Max Bill (Bauhaus, Constructivism), Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella (Color Field Painting, Hard Edge, Minimalism). Some graphics look like Origami foldings and Op Art, some like stick figures.



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